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ESD Multi-Functional Tester

ESD Multi-Functional Tester
Model:SL-031 Brand:Dr.Schnaider PC Application:for foot wear and wrist strap...
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ESD Multi-Functional Tester

1.ESD Multi-Functional Tester Technical Parameters



Shoe cover test margin750KΩ-100MΩ
Wrist cover test margin750KΩ-10MΩ
Resistence Tolerance( ± 20%)
Foot≤740 KΩRed(Fail Lo)
≥110 MΩRed(Fail Hi)
Wrist≤740 KΩRed(Fail Lo)
≥11.5 MΩRed(Fail Hi)
Operating Temperature0-31℃
Size mmplate:142.5(L)×82(W)×39(H)
Height adjutable900mm-1470mm

2.Features of ESD Multi-Functional Tester

1. This product can quickly test ESD equipment, and three independent devices (left shoe, right shoe, wrist band) complete ESD detection at one time.

2. Three different status displays, LO (below the set value), PASS (within the set value range), and HI (higher than the set value) have alarm function.

3. Under-power indication, when the BATTERY Lw light is on, remind the user to charge in time! Otherwise the accuracy of the test parameters decreases. (preferably use power adapter AC or DC12V)

4. According to the customer's requirements for the operation of the access control system, an extended remote access control system can be developed.

3.The principle of ESD Multi-Functional Tester

1.The SL-031 two-legged human body comprehensive tester is a device designed to measure the overall resistance of the human body, including the resistance of the human body, wrist straps and shoes. The instrument can detect and alarm when the comprehensive resistance of the human body is greater than 100 MΩ and less than 750KΩ (for testing shoes).

2.The SL-031 ESD Multi-Functional Tester is equipped with a 750KΩ-10MΩ circuit (for testing wrist straps), which is ideal for testing wrist straps and shoe covers.

4.ESD Multi-Functional Tester tester images

SL-031 TESTER.jpg

ESD wrist strap and foot wear tester.jpg

5. Payment Terms for esd wrist strap tester.

esd products payment.jpg

TT,Western Union,Paypal,Monthly close(Only for regular clients).

6.Packing & Shipping for wrist strap tester

1 set/carton,Carton size:40*30*40CM; Gross weight:7kgs per carton.


Large order:By ship.

Floor Multi-Functional Tester.jpg

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