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ESD wrist strap monitor
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6K 498A ESD wrist strap monitor

1.ESD wrist strap monitor performance characteristics

* With LED screen which can display data,Failed or Pass.

* Quick and easy check of the strap grounding system at any location for easy access.

* Avoid product damage caused by static electricity.

* Safeguard staff.

* Simple operation and safe use

*  Compact design and high quality.

ESD wrist strap monitor can quickly and easily check the following items:

1. The connection between the electrostatic hand strap and the ground wire.

2. Contact impedance between the electrostatic strap and the skin.

3. Connection with anti-static board, mat and other grounding tools.

Operation method:

Simply connect the ground wire and press the pad by hand to check. If the grounding system is safe, the green “GOOD” light will illuminate and make a sound.

2.Specification of 6K 498A ESD wrist strap monitor

 Model 498A
 Indication Standard Impedance Sound
 Low (red) R < 750 kΩ No
 Good (green) 750kΩ ≤ R ≤ 10MΩ Yes
 High (red) R ≥ 10MΩ No
 Dimension / Weight 110 (L) x 72 (W) x 40 (H) mm / 0.6 kg

ESD wrist strap tester.jpg

3.ESD wrist strap monitor images

Wrist strap monitor.jpgWrist strap antistatic tester.jpg

4. Payment Terms for digital ESD wrist strap monitor.

Payment and delivery.jpg

TT,Western Union,Paypal,Monthly close(Only for regular clients).

5.Packing & Shipping for digital wrist strap tester

Original packaging 1pcs/box,10box/carton.Carton size:30*40*35cm.Gross weight:5kgs.

Large order:By ship.Small order:By DHL,FEDEX OR UPS EXPRESS.

Digital wrist strap tester.jpg

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