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ESD Wrist Strap Tester

ESD Wrist strap tester
Application:for wrist strap
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ESD Wrist Strap Tester

1.ESD Wrist Strap Tester Technical Parameters

Material: ESD plastic.

Product power supply: 9V alkaline battery。

Test Range: 750KΩ-10MΩ

It can detect various wrist strap performances(Cord or cordless wrist strap), small size, light weight, easy to use,intuitive detection.

Weight:145g, Volume:71*90*28mm.

Advantages:This product is small, light and easy to use. Each wrist strap can be tested at any location to test whether the wrist strap is good. If the resistance value is not within the standard range (750K≤R≤10MΩ) or the power is too low, an alarm will be automatically given, the red light will be on with the alarm sound.

Operating Instructions:

Make sure that the esd wrist strap is in contact with the wrist strap tester. Press the "PUSH ON" button. If the test passes, the "OK" green indicator will light up. If the wrist strap is damaged or not within the standard resistance range Red light with alarm sound.


Testing wrist strap before using the wrist strap to ensure good performance;

Wrist strap user puts the metal part of cordless wrist strap on the metal of hole on the wrist strap tester.


ESD wrist straps tester is the most common and basic ESD protection products commonly used in SMT.

Industry and electronic assembly line. Easy to use in operation, the most economical type.

Surface Resistance

Light display


800K OHM to 10M OHM

Green light on

OK normal

More than 10M OHM

Yellow light on



Less than 800K OHM

Red light on



3.The principle of anti-static wrist strap tester

a.The connection of the electrostatic wrist strap and the grounding wire

b.Contact resistance between the electrostatic wrist strap and the skin

c.Connection with grounding tools such as electrostatic plates, mats, etc.

Various grounding systems can be quickly and easily tested at any location. Eliminate damage caused by static electricity and ensure the safety of every employee. The tester is widely used and can be connected to all ESD-compliant wired wrist straps with a banana jack. Many wrist straps can be used very well with the advantages of tight contact points, low contact resistance, good connectivity, long life, and good anti-oxidation performance.

4. ESD Wrist strap tester images

wrist strap monitor.jpg


5. Payment Terms for esd wrist strap tester.

Static field meter1639.png

TT,Western Union,Paypal,Monthly close(Only for regular clients).

6. Packing & Shipping for wrist strap tester

1 set/Color box; 6 sets/carton; Carton size:26*30*40CM; Gross weight:3kgs per carton.


Large order:By ship.

Static field meter2636.png

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