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ESD Box With Cover

ESD box with cover
Surface resistance:10e6-10e9 ohm
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ESD box with cover

1.ESD box with cover technical data 

  1. ESD protection Surface Resistance:10e5-10e9 ohm.

  2. Color:Black

  3. Many sizes available for esd box with cover.

  4. Max load weight 30 kg

  5. With ESD cover

  6. Injection molding, material: PP

  7. ECO-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosion

  8. Light weight, convenient to move, and easy to shape

  9. Smooth & cleanable surface

  10. Recyclable/reusable

  11. Many sizes available for esd box with cover.Standard sizes such as:

Outer size 410*305*155mm,Inner size:375*275*145mm

Outer size:615*425*250mmInner size:575*390*240mm

Outer size:600*500*300mmInner size:560*465*290mm

2.The role of the anti-static box cover

  • The anti-static  box is a commonly used tool in electronics factories, but it is not necessary to use a cover. So, do you need to wear an anti-static cover? Generally, it is necessary to cover the cover, and the cover of the esd box can provide sufficient shielding for the circuit board inside, and can also provide ESD safety for the interior. If the cover is removed, any stray electric field can cause the charging of a number of individual conductors on the board. These induced charges are the source of ESD. The potential sources of stray electric fields are many: people, clothes, ungrounded revolving cars, displays, furniture, any ungrounded conductor, any insulator, electromagnetic interference, etc.

  • The circuit board in the open esd box will cause problems with the internal equipment when it is transported by the grounding vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the anti-static box with an anti-static cover during transportation. of.

3.ESD box with cover detailed images

4.Payment Terms and Delivery

Paypal, T/T, Western Union

Payment and delivery.jpg

5.ESD box with cover application

  • The esd box is also called a plastic anti-static circluating box. Has been widely used in automotive, home appliances, machinery, light industry, electronics and other industries.   

  • Anti-static turnover box can resist acid and alkali, oil, water, moisture, dust, and non-toxic and tasteless. It is generally used for parts turnover of electronic industry components, etc. It is very convenient to clean, convenient to turn, and neatly stacked. Easy to manage. Due to its excellent quality and personalized and reasonable design, the anti-static turnover box has been applied to the transportation, distribution, storage and circulation of the factory, and the anti-static turnover box can also be used with the station equipment and various logistics containers. Cooperate with each other and use it in various production sites and warehouses.

  • The anti-static box can release the static charge accumulated by the object, and does not generate charge accumulation and high potential difference. Anti-static turnover box is generally used for turnover, transportation, storage, packaging, etc. in the production process of electronic components, not only anti-aging, anti-folding, large bearing capacity, not easy to tear, fireproof, high temperature resistance, etc., and anti-static turnover The box is beautiful, lightweight and foldable.

  • The esd box is made of PP hollow board, which is cheap and environmentally friendly, which can save production cost. The static electricity has been paid more and more attention by everyone, and the use and field and scope are more and more extensive.

6.Packing & Shipping

Packing:10-30pcs/wooden carton on pallet.

Lead time:3-5 days for qty 1-1000pcs.

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