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ESD dustbin&ESD Box&ESD tray

ESD Dust Bin

ESD Dust Bin
Capacity: 20L
Square size: L325 * W225 * H450MM
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20L ESD Dust Bin With Cover

1.ESD dust bin technical data 

  1. Model:EP20-20L

  2. Color:Black

  3. Square size: L325 * W225 * H450MM

  4. Capacity: 20L 

  5. Volume Resistivity: 105-109Ω.CM

  6. Surface Resistance:105-109Ω.CM

  7. Electrostatic Decay Time: 1000V / 100V less than 1.0S

  8. Friction voltage: less than 100V

  9. Color: black with yellow esd logo printing.

  10. Material:The permanent anti-static.

2.Features of Antistatic dust bin with cover

  • Used to store waste and e-waste in clean rooms or static sensitive areas.

  • In a workshop with static friction, this static electricity can damage the performance of electronic products. The static electricity can be effectively released by the anti-static trash can, and the ordinary garbage can has no electrostatic discharge function.

  • It is easy to store with anti-static garbage bag, which can effectively avoid cleaning the trash can and is suitable for cleaning in anti-static area.

  • Portable handle for easy loading and unloading

  • Made of anti-static material with permanent anti-static function


3.ESD waste bin picture display

Anti-static bin

3.Testing of ESD dust bin

Anti-static trash can anti-static parameters are tested. When testing the anti-static trash can parameters, you need to use high-precision test instruments, such as our SIMCO FMX-004 or Schneider SL-030, because the imitation products are detected with genuine products. The parameters are very different. Another point is that there are many coated trash cans on the market, the anti-static effect is very poor, and it will not be anti-static effect if it is washed or not used for a long time. Therefore, before we test the product, if we want to know the exact parameters of the anti-static effect of the product, we must strictly clean the tested product and then test it. The electrostatic material injection anti-static trash can produced by our company belongs to the non-coated full electrostatic material injection * anti-static garbage bin. Even after cleaning or long use time, the anti-static effect parameters will not be invalid.

Before the anti-static products are tested, after the cleaning, those coated anti-static trash cans are exposed. It is obvious that the effect will come out. Therefore, the detection of anti-static products is a very important link.

anti-static wastebin

5.Payment terms for ESD products

Paypal, T/T, Western Union

6.Packing & Shipping

Packing:50pcs/carton,10 cartons per pallet.

Lead time:3-5 days for qty 1-500pcs.10-15 days for qty more than 500pcs.

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