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ESD Plastic Container

ESD plastic container
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ESD plastic container

1.ESD container Technical Data 

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  1. ESD protection Surface Resistance:10e5-10e9 ohm.

  2. Color:Black

  3. Material: impact modifiers PP

  4. Many sizes available,Standard Sizes:60*50*30cm, 48*35*17cm,54*42*24 cm

  5. Max load weight 30 kg

  6. With or Without ESD Lid cover

  7. Injection molding, material: PP

  8. ECO-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosion

  9. Light weight, convenient to move, and easy to shape

  10. Smooth & cleanable surface

  11. Recyclable/reusable

  12. Uses: Anti-static turnover box polyethylene (PP) as the substrate, adding blend, this blend can conduct electric current and has strong mechanical properties. The composite box is made by traditional injection molding. Safe and practical. And widely used in machinery, automotive, home appliances, light industry and other industries.

3.ESD component box detailed images

4.How to choose the good quality ESD circulating box

The anti-static turnover box is used for the purpose of loading goods. The frequency of use is relatively high and the time is long. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to select those products that are resistant, wear-resistant, have no odor, and are not easily deformed. Plastic crates generally have relatively fixed specifications, but the weight of the placed goods is sometimes higher. It is also very likely to have a sharper angle, so choosing a solid and durable tote can increase the life of the box. At the time of selection, it should be noted that some manufacturers may add recycled materials at the time of production in order to reduce costs. Most of the recycled materials are gray and blue, so it is best not to pick the totes for these two colors if it is not necessary.

Secondly, the anti-static turnover box will not be deformed at normal temperature, but some plastic products with poor quality will change in winter and hot summer. Therefore, in the choice, we must select those products with high production quality and high quality. Manufacturers may be required to provide inspection reports when necessary.

Again, check to see if there is any odor. If the plastic products are not handled well, it is easy to leave odor. Odor is the performance of plastic products that do not meet production standards. In general, some inferior plastic products will have an odor. Since the anti-static turnover box is likely to be used in the food processing industry, it is important to ensure that the product has no toxic side effects and no odor.

In short, it is necessary to grasp the quality of the product when selecting the anti-static turnover box. Only the quality and safety of the product can ensure the safety and durability of the product.

5.Payment Terms and Delivery

Paypal, T/T, Western Union

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1)Do you have special price for bulk order of ESD plastic container?

Yes,10% off if qty more than 5000pcs.

2)Do you also have other esd office products?

We also sell ESD pen,ESD clipboard,ESD keyboard,ESD mouse,ESD mouse pad,ESD calculator,ESD document holder,ESD bags etc.

3)Why to choose us?

We are a 10 years manufacturer and exporter of various ESD & Cleanroom products.

Honest but competitive price and Quality assured quotation.

100% QC inspection before shipment.

Prompt delivery.

6.Packing & Shipping

Packing:10-30pcs/wooden carton,Carton sizes and Gross weights are determined by your sizes.

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