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About anti-static folder

Jul 05, 2018

About anti-static folder

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Nowadays, many industries such as electronics and precision instruments attach great importance to cleanliness and static electricity protection. In addition to wearing anti-static equipment and using anti-static equipment, some enterprises have special requirements for the folder where documents are stored in the production workshop. For anti-static folders. Many people's understanding of anti-static folders is still very vague. Many customers buy it back. It won't take long for it to have no anti-static effect, it is because of the anti-static folder of the surface coating you purchased. The folder on which the electrostatic liquid is applied can be clearly seen from the naked eye. The surface has a very obvious oily print on it. It is also greasy when touched by hand. The key point is that the electrostatic liquid only adheres to the surface of the folder. Wash with water, or alcohol, then the anti-static effect will disappear immediately, and change back to a normal folder.

Even after a period of normal use, the anti-static effect will be slowly eliminated, and finally it will be changed back to a normal folder that is completely anti-static, which is the quality of a cheap anti-static folder.

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What about the high-quality anti-static folder?

SAFETY WORKING TECH is a professional manufacturer of anti-static folders. The anti-static folder produced by our company is injection-molded by anti-static materials. First of all, the surface of the product is very dry, it will not have any greasy feeling, it can be washed with water and cleaned with alcohol. Surface resistance: 10E5-10E9 (according to international standards), the friction voltage is 100% guaranteed to be within 100V (can be tested after cleaning with alcohol). The anti-static effect will not be lost forever.

 Nowadays, all kinds of large-scale electronics factories and semiconductor factories have become more and more strict with anti-static products. The anti-static folder of surface coating can no longer meet the high standards of customers, even if the price is bottom, but the quality is the same. Not on, after all, it is to be eliminated by the market.