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Anti-static chair

May 25, 2018

Anti-static chair


Anti-static chair overall design meets the body curve requirements, beautiful and comfortable. Anti-static chair backrest and cushion using modified polyurethane closed-cell foaming technology

Anti-static PU material integrated foam molding. Contains δ = 2mm stamping high-quality steel plate inserts.

Oil-free cylinder 140mm + Grey foot cup (castor) + cast aluminum star claw R270mm


2.working principle:

Anti-static chair (ESD chair) is a must-have item when working in static-sensitive area. Our anti-static chair utilizes ESD seat cushion, backrest and metal fittings, etc. to effectively prevent static discharge to the ground and has very good ESD. Electrostatic discharge.



Anti-static chair materials are strictly tested in the laboratory for dust generation and ion contamination to ensure that the dust-free studio standards are met.

Scope: Can be used in microelectronics, optics, aerospace, aviation and other electrostatic sensitive areas.

esd chair.jpg

Anti-static chairs are using in production workshop