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Anti-static clothes

May 31, 2018

Why should we test the anti-static clothes 's cleaning resistance before using?

Anti-static products are slowly infiltrating into all walks of life. The most intuitive performance is that there are more and more dust-free workshops. Will there be less anti-static and dust-free products? Before anti-static products are purchased in general, customers will require anti-static products manufacturers to issue inspection reports. The anti-static product purchased by the customer must be tested again, and can only be used after the test is passed. However, many customers always ignore the problem of washing before testing. What would be the impact of the test if there was no wash before the test?

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The anti-static parameters of the purchased anti-static clothing shall be tested. Before the test, the product to be tested shall be repeatedly and strictly cleaned and then tested, in order to effectively detect the non-permanent anti-static performance of anti-static clothing. There are many so-called "anti-static clothes" and "anti-static gloves" on the market that have antistatic properties after being soaked in antistatic liquid. The antistatic performance of "antistatic clothing" and "antistatic gloves" It is not stable, and it will pollute the dust-free workshop during the process of use. After the cleaning process, the anti-static parameters will be invalid. This is a fake in the industry.

Before the detection of the antistatic clothing, the fake antistatic clothing that has been soaked can be exposed after cleaning. The same applies to the detection of anti-static gloves, which need to be cleaned and then tested before testing. The quality of anti-static products is directly related to the safety of production and the quality of products. Therefore, the detection of anti-static products is a very important and prudent link.