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anti-static clothing

May 31, 2018

It is not allowed to use esd smock instead of esd jumpsuit.

Some companies may find that the price of anti-static cartridges is significantly lower than that of anti-static ones when they purchase anti-static clothing. Therefore, in order to save costs, many friends who plan to purchase anti-static jumpsuits will have a chance to ask this question: “Can anti-static boots replace anti-static jumpsuits?”

Anti static jumpsuit.jpg

As a professional anti-static clothing manufacturer, we solemnly respond to you that anti-static anti-static jackets cannot be used in place of anti-static jumpsuit.

In the three main types of anti-static clothing, the anti-static performance from weak to strong is: anti-static large, anti-static split clothes, anti-static coveralls. Therefore, the performance of anti-static jumpsuits is far stronger than that of anti-static ones. Anti-static gloves are mainly used in industries where static electricity requirements and dust-free requirements are not high, while antistatic clothing can be used in industries with high cleaning requirements, such as food processing, medical and pharmaceuticals, if used in these places. Anti-static big money to save money, then the loss can be significant.

esd smock tc.jpg

It can be seen that it is better not to use the anti-static clothing of different styles interchangeably. On the one hand, it will cause waste of resources, and on the other hand it will lead to the failure of the clean parameters. In both cases, it is not desirable.