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Anti-static clothing working standards

Jun 13, 2018

Anti-static clothing working standards

When we speak of esd working clothes, everyone will think of pure cotton overalls, but for some flammable and explosive places, the antistatic clothing can play a good role in preventing the deflagration caused by sparks.

The technical requirements for anti-static overalls include the three aspects of construction, anti-static function, and strength. The manufacturing structure of clothing will directly affect the effect of anti-static. Therefore, the structural design of anti-static overalls must be ensured. So what precautions should be taken when using anti-static clothes?

1. Metal accessories must not be used on antistatic clothing. When metal buttons and zippers are used, strict precautions must be taken to ensure that metal fittings are not exposed when they are worn to avoid sparks and fires.

2. Anti-static clothes should be familiar with anti-static fabrics. When it is necessary to use fabrics (clothes bags, reinforcement cloths, etc.), the exposed area of the fabric should be less than 20% of the exposed area of the antistatic clothing; for anti-cold clothing or other special antistatic clothing, the exposed area of the fabric exceeds all anti-static electricity. When the service area is less than 20% of the exposed area, it is necessary to change the antistatic fabric.

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3. For the anti-static function of anti-static overalls, the national standard puts forward the demand for a single piece of clothing with a certain amount of charge under certain washing-resistant conditions; the marked qualified anti-static overalls must be marked on each product with a production plant. Name (or factory), site, product name, type standard, product grade, date of production; each package must indicate the product number, product name, type, grade, production unit, and attach the product instructions.