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Anti-static ESD clothing cleaning with exquisite

May 04, 2018

   ESD clothing is one of the necessary anti-static equipments in electronics factory and microelectronics factory. According to the level of static electricity requirements, anti-static clothing is mainly divided into anti-static clothing, anti-static clothing and anti-static clothing, usually with Anti-static shoes and anti-static caps are used to achieve higher results.

Anti-static clothing should pay attention to methods when wearing, and usually pay attention to maintenance, the best maintenance method is to clean. The cleaning of anti-static clothing is different from the washing of general clothing and is very particular about it.

   Anti-static clothing fabrics for anti-static material, which is embedded with conductive wire, play anti-static effect, if the usual home machine wash, then it will certainly damage the conductive wire, thus affecting the electrostatic properties. Therefore, the cleaning of anti-static clothes should be done by a specialized cleaning company. Specialized cleaning and drying machines should be used. Neutral detergent should be used to clean, ensure a good cleaning environment, and achieve a professional level. The clothing can be durable and durable, and its performance can be maintained for a long time.

   Also to remind everyone that the anti-static clothing can not be worn too dirty too long, under normal circumstances need to be cleaned once a week, and should be performed after the performance test. If you follow the normal method of cleaning, after 50 times of cleaning, we recommend that you do not wear it again. The appearance and performance may be worse than before. At this time, we recommend that you replace it in time so as not to affect the work and production quality.