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anti-static four-hole shoes

Jun 01, 2018

How to properly use anti-static four-hole shoes?

When working in the production workshop, in order to reduce the harm of static electricity to the human body, the production company will basically require all employees to wear uniform work shoes. Anti-static four-hole shoes are common anti-static shoes because they can reduce static electricity from The human body is introduced into the earth, and it can also eliminate the static electricity inside the human body. In this way, the dust that the human body drives during the walking process can be effectively suppressed, thereby ensuring product quality. However, many people do not understand how to properly use anti-static four-hole shoes, in fact, it still has a lot of stress.

Anti-static four-hole shoes are suitable for places where it is necessary to prevent burning accidents caused by static electricity in the human body, including many dangerous places, such as some oil fields, chemical dyes, coal mines, rubber products and other industries. Anti-static four-hole shoes itself is in order to eliminate the static electricity of the human body. Therefore, during the wearing process, it can effectively prevent some current below 250V. This is its own characteristics, if it exceeds 250V, Basically it is impossible to prevent and control, but we are usually able to meet the safety standards.

When we wear anti-static four-hole shoes, we must be careful not to wear thick socks, and we must not wear woolen socks, we must not insoles, and we must not use anti-static shoes as insulating shoes. It is still very large with insulating shoes. Different, but the performance of insulating shoes and all aspects are not as good as the effect of anti-static shoes, and must ensure that all use of the venue are conductive ground.

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Anti-static shoes in the use of the process, it should also be noted that anti-static clothing should be used in conjunction with, but also in the use of the same should also pay attention to ensure the cleanliness of all products, use and preservation should pay attention to moisture, anti-exposure, so as to be able to The performance of anti-static four-hole shoes can be brought out to ensure product quality.