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anti-static four-hole shoes

Jun 04, 2018

What are the characteristics of high-quality anti-static four-hole shoes?

Anti-static four-hole shoes are one of the necessary protective products in the production workshop. The high-quality anti-static four-hole shoes are the user's favorite. What characteristics does it have?

First, price division. In order to truly protect the interests of the employees themselves, they must not buy cheap anti-static four-hole shoes because of their low cost. They will not only have no anti-static effect, and they will not be able to provide comprehensive electronic product safety. As soon as the anti-static function fails, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, we must start from the most basic of protective measures. In order to provide more secure and reliable protection, the most cost-effective anti-static four-hole shoes are the right choice.

Second, the main ingredients. Judging from the surface of anti-static four-hole shoes, the more formal materials currently used are canvases, which are often referred to as rough canvases or canopies.

esd shoes.JPG

Third, from the shoe's soles, in general, the more sole materials used are rubber, vulcanized rubber and vinyl materials. Usually what we see is the SPU bottom and PU bottom. Because the anti-static four-hole shoelace has a certain degree of particularity, these materials have the characteristics of anti-skid, anti-fatigue and wear-resistance.

Fourth, from the inside of the shoes, in order to be able to achieve sweat-breathable, and do not fade the effect will usually choose to use canvas, so that the staff in the process of wearing, even if the shoes are cumbersome, but it will not affect the comfort .