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anti-static mat

Jun 04, 2018

How to quickly and effectively remove the bad smell of anti-static mat

In the newly purchased anti-static mat, we will smell a rubbery taste. However, for a good brand, the taste is not very strong. After a few simple methods, the taste will soon disappear. The following ESD technical consultation will give you a simple and effective way to explain.

First, we must be ventilated to maintain indoor air circulation. After a day's evacuation, the taste disappeared. If you want to quickly eliminate the taste, do not worry, do not use some chemicals to wipe, this will hurt the anti-static effect of the rubber itself.

Second, we can place some plants that can absorb flavors in the room, which can also allow plants to effectively and quickly absorb the taste of plastic belts.

anti static esd mat.jpg

Method 3, fruit is the best material to remove odors, we can use grapefruit skin or orange peel or apple and pineapple to be placed indoors, after the indoor water evaporation. The scent of these fruits will be emitted in the air, which will cover the taste of the antistatic rubber belt. At the same time, we can also smell the scent of fruit, but the fruit after the absorption of taste can not be eaten.

In fact, after the installation of the antistatic mat with good quality, in a well-ventilated environment, it will basically be around 2-4 weeks, and the odor will be reduced until it disappears.