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Anti-static products' problems and misunderstandings

May 22, 2018

Anti-static products' problems and misunderstandings


1. Problems with anti-static electricity
The composite conductive plate is a decorative plate that is mixed with an antistatic agent, and its conductivity is limited by ions and is not durable. The rubber sheet that is mixed with the conductive filler is mainly added with conductive carbon black, and has poor color and wear resistance. High-polymer plates with conductive fibers or other conductive fillers, the main component of which is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has good conductivity, abrasion resistance, and acid and alkali resistance. It is also stable and has a good color. However, the process is complicated and the cost is high. . At the same time to meet the high conductivity, color, good durability, good processing and inexpensive products have yet to be technological progress.
Raised floor. At present, the board surface of domestically produced raised floors is usually made of steel, aluminum, plastic, or wood as the substrate, and the surface is covered with a decorative board that incorporates an internally added antistatic agent. The disadvantage is that the conductivity of the surface layer is not durable enough. . The surface layer must ensure that the static electricity of the human body can be guided away as soon as possible, and the durability of the electrical conduction is to be improved. The adhesiveness between the board substrate and the surface layer should be made of conductive adhesive, which requires high adhesive force and certain elasticity. At present, the common flaw is the surface layer warping or cracking.
Electrostatic protection during the production of electronic products involves the entire process of selection, ordering, inspection, storage, assembly and welding of electrostatic sensitive devices, and debugging, and packaging; it involves various departments and personnel of technology, management, and production. Participate and cooperate. Electrostatic protection is a comprehensive system project. Only the leadership attaches importance to the participation of all parties, and there is a strong sense of electrostatic protection before they can receive significant protection effects and reduce losses.