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Anti-static shoes

Jun 01, 2018

Anti-static shoes in Cleanroom must not only have anti-static function

Since anti-static shoes have an effective bleeder function, static electricity accumulated on the human body can be introduced into the ground through anti-static shoes. However, anti-static shoes only have anti-static functions and are not fully satisfactory.

 Anti-static shoes are used in dust-free rooms in conjunction with clean clothes. The clean clothes have good anti-static properties. The fabrics also have their own dust-free, non-stick dust, and other functions. The same anti-static shoes not only need to have anti-static function, but also need to use low-dusting materials to suppress the dust generated by people walking in the clean room. Anti-static shoes generally use the static material PU or PVC material to produce soles, which are integrally formed on the upper surface and then reinforced on the line. Finished shoes are beautiful, generous and strong. Especially PU anti-static shoes, with excellent wear resistance, wear more than 5 times than ordinary rubber shoes.

Anti-static esd shoes.jpg

Also pay attention to the cleaning of anti-static shoes is also important, to clean regularly. Anti-static shoes are generally used in industries with high requirements for cleanliness, such as pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronics factory clean workshops, and laboratories. The production site of these enterprises requires the dust content in the production environment to be very low. The surfaces of anti-static shoes used for a long period of time will also adhere to dust-free particles. Therefore, frequent cleaning is very necessary. Only the dust-free shoes that are purified and cleaned can ensure the cleanliness.