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Anti-static shoes

Feb 11, 2019

Anti-static shoes are unqualified, all are insole

Anti-static shoes are a special work shoe worn by the production workshops and advanced laboratories of the microelectronics industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits to reduce or eliminate static electricity. However, the anti-static shoes in special labor protection footwear have a higher detection failure rate than other footwear. What is the reason for this?

When testing the static shoes, it was found that under the dry conditions, the electrical performance test was unqualified, which was the primary factor causing the high failure rate of the anti-static shoes. This is also an important item for the performance testing of the anti-static shoes. In the anti-static shoe electrical performance test, it is found that at present, the electrical properties of the anti-static shoe outsole and midsole produced by most enterprises can meet the standard requirements. However, the electrical performance test requirements for antistatic shoes include active cushions in the shoe. Combined with the qualification rate of anti-static shoes in recent years, it is found that the great factor affecting the electrical performance of anti-static shoes is the quality of anti-static insole. Regardless of the material of the anti-static insole, the conductive principle is generally through the conductive medium, through the midsole conductive electrode or anti-static material to connect the outsole, the static electricity of the human body is introduced into the earth.

The key to the performance of anti-static work shoes is the quality of anti-static insoles. If the product is not qualified because of a pair of insoles, it will not be worth the loss. Anti-static shoes are common work shoes. When purchasing anti-static shoes, companies should pay special attention to selecting anti-static insoles to avoid unnecessary losses.