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Anti-static shoes have a clear period of use

Jun 28, 2018

Anti-static shoes have a clear period of use?

Anti-static shoes Work shoes that are worn to reduce or eliminate static electricity hazards are now widely used in the production workshops and laboratories of the microelectronics industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communications equipment, and integrated circuits. On the one hand, it can eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in the human body and at the same time prevent power shocks below 250V. Among them, the conductive shoes have good electrical conductivity and can eliminate the accumulation of static electricity of the human body in a short time, and are only suitable for protective shoes in places where there is no danger of electric shock. Insulation shoes can insulate people's feet from charged objects and protect them from electric shock.

So there is no clear period of use for anti-static shoes? This actually depends on the actual situation, that is, the actual environment the operator is wearing. Under normal circumstances, the parameters of the anti-static indicator remain in about 2 years. As anti-static shoes are products for safety protection, they need to regularly check the performance of anti-static shoes. Wear anti-static shoes during the period, in accordance with GB4386-84 "anti-static rubber shoes, conductive rubber shoes resistance measurement method" for measurement. The resistance of the sole of the antistatic rubber sole should be in the range of 10 to 5 to the 9th power.

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Nowadays, anti-static electricity has become a key project for the electronics factory. Due to the particularity of the electronics factory, usually some electronics factories need to wear anti-static work shoes and anti-static clothes. Because of the work and production of electronic factories, The occurrence of static electricity, errors or omissions in any aspect will not only prevent the work of conducting static electricity protection, but also seriously affect the quality of the product.

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