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Anti-static shoes PU bottom and PVC bottom

Jun 06, 2018

Anti-static shoes PU bottom and PVC bottom,What is the difference?

Electrostatic shoes, also known as anti-static shoes, anti-static work shoes, is a kind of work shoes that are used to reduce or eliminate static electricity hazards in the production of dust-free workshops and advanced laboratories in industries such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, and integrated circuits. Electrostatic shoes can lead the body's static electricity to the earth, eliminating static electricity from the human body and effectively suppressing the dust that the worker walks into the clean room.

Electrostatic shoes generally use loose material PVC or PU foam material to produce soles, which are integrally formed with the upper, and are then reinforced on the line to effectively discharge static electricity. PVC full name is "PVC", a type of plastic. The full name of PU is "polyurethane" and is a type of synthetic leather. PVC and PU materials are commonly used materials for making anti-static shoes. What is the difference between them?

Anti-static esd shoes.jpg

First,From a chemical point of view, PVC and PU are all PVC plastics, but the manufacturing process of these two products is different. PUs are more complicated than PVC in the manufacturing process.

Second: The difference in performance: PVC material is better than the anti-electric properties of PU material; PU soles are resistant to twists, soft and comfortable, good foot feel, can reduce the fatigue of the staff. The anti-static shoe made of PVC material has a thin and hard sole, which is not suitable for workers who need to stand for a long time.

Three: The difference in price: The price of PU material is relatively high, and the price of PVC material is relatively low.

Four: burning odor: After the fire, PU taste is much lighter than the taste of PVC.

The above is for the introduction of the difference between anti-static shoes PU and PVC bottom, we can choose the appropriate material for their own needs in the process of purchase.