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Anti-static slipper

May 29, 2018

Anti-static slipper

esd slipper.JPG

Material----leather PU bottom black

Anti-static black slippers ---- Leather PU bottom

product description

Material: anti-static slippers for the leather surface, foam soles for the PU, with good anti-static effect.

Sole resistance: 105~109Ω

Upper material: artificial leather

Sole material: PU

Sole resistance: 10e5-10e9Ω

Body to sole resistance: 9×10e5-3.5×10e7Ω

Surface resistance: 1×10e6-5×10e8Ω

Shoes size range 34#~46#

Features: The shoe sole is very good in tenacity, very resistant to wear and tear, no chipping, no dust, no bleaching, non-slip, wear, anti-static, fashionable and complete color, light and soft, easy to clean, fast drying, ESD Electrostatic discharge performance is stable and so on.

Scope of application: ESD shoes can be used in electronic factories.