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Anti-static Smock

Jun 09, 2018

Anti-static Smock

Over the past few years, the use of anti-static buses has become more and more widespread. Today, with the discovery of economy and technology, the types and number of people's jobs and jobs are increasing. According to modern development, people's needs are becoming more and more abundant. The field of the industry continues to expand. Among them, there are many occupations that need to wear anti-static overalls (anti-static gloves), that is, they need to wear unique clothes to meet the requirements of the job. Anti-static large-scale is one of them. Due to the special nature of many industries, staff must complete their work under conditions such as anti-static clothing to ensure safety and product quality. Nowadays, many electronics factory cleanrooms require clothing to wear anti-static overalls, anti-static shoes, anti-static hats, anti-static gloves and so on. This is in a good position for the company and itself. After all, what are the uses of anti-static cartridges?

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Anti-static smock advantage:

1, can effectively eliminate the static electricity generated by the human body, and has 90% -97% of the dust-proof rate, dust-free anti-static clothing, wear comfortable, resistant to washing.

2, men and women, dustproof, can be used for 10-1000 purification plant.

3, can effectively eliminate the static electricity generated by the human body, permanent anti-static, with excellent anti-static properties.

4, advanced technology, special structure, clothing itself does not dust, do not vacuum.

Antistatic smock Application:

ESD smock use special polyester filaments and high-performance conductive fibers weaving through special processes. The clean garments made of this kind of fabrics by special sewing process have anti-static and dust-proof properties, and can effectively release human body electrostatic charges. With advanced technology, special structure, the garment itself does not generate dust, does not vacuum, has good anti-static dust performance, can not afford lint, can not afford the ball, does not fall off fiber, can not afford dust, does not pass dust, gas Good tightness, effective sterilization, antibacterial; the other anti-static fabric for the dual performance, anti-static and dust-proof effect is particularly good, comfortable to wear; fabric using high-quality imports of conductive wire embedded circular cross-section polyester filament material. Let people wear them to work at ease. Widely used in various clean rooms, purification plant, electronics factory, food processing plants, medical and medical equipment processing plants, petrochemical and other fields.