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Anti-static table mat

Jun 01, 2018

Detailed explanation of electrostatic discharge principle of anti-static table mat

Anti-static mats/mats are ESD control products that adopt specific methods to prevent the accumulation of static electricity and play a role in protecting the electrostatic discharge of human body and objects, such as the workbench plate in the operation room of electronic (electronic) industry. Floor laying of the ground floor and computer room of the computer room. The important raw material of the product is rubber, composed of upper and lower layers. The upper layer is an electrostatic dissipative layer and the lower layer is a conductive layer (black). It has excellent anti-static effect, wear resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, smooth surface, clean and stable dimensions, etc. advantage.


In order to make the ESDS body, tools, instruments, instruments, etc. in the electronic workshop reach the uniform potential and release static electricity, and the electrostatic sensitive device is not interfered by electrostatic discharge phenomena such as friction electrification, the easiest method is Lay an anti-static mat on the desktop. What is its principle of electrostatic discharge?


We first cut the anti-static table mat according to the size of the work surface, and then buckled one end of the anti-static grounding wire on the surface of the mat, and the other end was connected to the outdoor grounding pole leading to the earth. In this way, the static electricity collected on the surface of the table pad is discharged through the antistatic grounding wire. The principle is: A green surface stores and absorbs static electricity around the desk, its resistance is 107~109Ω/sq; B black bottom is conductive layer ≤106Ω /sq, because the conductive layer can quickly discharge the absorbed static electricity.


 Understand the electrostatic discharge principle of the anti-static table mat. We must carry out targeted maintenance during the work and use, and we must not harm the static dissipative surface and conductive layer. Also check the performance of the electrostatic ground wire regularly.