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Anti-static tape

Jun 08, 2018

Anti-static tape is expensive, why do customers have to buy it?

Some time ago, a customer from the south sent an e-mail asking about anti-static tapes that could be used in static-sensitive areas. Because they produce products that require high levels of electrostatic protection. Anti-static tape This product is available on the market, but it is generally anti-static.

Later, we found us through a customer introduction and we hope that we can help solve it. With the recent iterations of technology, enterprise innovation, transformation, and product requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, these customers who have higher static electricity requirements have been receiving calls recently and have sought to provide high-end anti-static products.

Soon we sent the sample to the customer, after a rigorous technical test to fully meet customer requirements, then the customer immediately placed an order. This anti-static tape main body is composed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin) surface PET polyester coating and core PE (polyethylene). A volume price is much higher than the domestic general anti-static tape. However, customers still purchase a batch. Because this cost is far less than the loss caused by static electricity to their products.

This is what kind of anti-static tape, anti-static tape surface resistance of 1 × 105 ~ 106Ω, viscose / 1 × 108 ~ 109Ω, the friction voltage is less than 100V. General anti-static tape also has several tens of dollars, but this standard of technical parameters cannot be reached at all.

This anti-static tape is suitable for packaging, transportation and storage of electrostatic sensitive components, places where static electricity needs to be protected in a clean room, places where durability is required, etc. If you need to welcome us to order our products.