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Antistatic clothing

Jun 05, 2018

Is your antistatic clothing "short of two shorts"?

With the increasing awareness of antistatic clothing in all walks of life, the demand for antistatic clothing continues to increase. As a result, the antistatic clothing market in China is promiscuous and there is a phenomenon of low price competition. A large number of antistatic clothing manufacturers have emerged in order to obtain profits. Produce unqualified anti-static clothing, so as to strive for a place at a low price. To make real profits and reduce costs, in order to achieve profitability. As a result, many unqualified anti-static uniforms have also been brought into the market. Today we will talk about these "non-jins" anti-static clothing.

First of all, the choice of fabric. As we all know, fabrics form the basis of anti-static overalls. In order to save costs, we have chosen fabrics with uneven distribution of conductive fibers, cutting corners, and taking off conductive threads, and even selected disposable anti-static fabrics. There is no parameter for cleaning once after wearing, which greatly affects personal safety and product quality. In order to reduce costs, many businesses have put into the market after the production of anti-static overalls has not passed the inspection of the anti-static related functional departments. At the same time, there are flaws in the internal inspection of the company, and the lack of inspection of clothing products results in poor anti-static work clothes.

 Our anti-static clothing has been based on the "quality first, excellence," the attitude of strict control of the entire process of the entire industrial chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the beginning, to the design plate, to the processing of production and quality inspection storage, Are strictly in accordance with standards management. At the same time, the company also has 100 purification cleaning and packaging centers to provide customers with cost-effective products and services, in order to continue to meet customer requirements for price and quality.