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Antistatic fabrics

Jun 05, 2018

How to identify conductive fibers in antistatic fabrics

In general, conductive fibers can be identified by microscopic observation, hand-feel identification, and by fire.

First, the microscope observation method is the most accurate measurement method, through the microscope to observe the longitudinal shape and cross-sectional shape of conductive fibers, or with dyeing and other methods,

Can accurately distinguish between natural fibers and chemical fibers. However, this method is very preparation for those who have professional knowledge. After all, for ordinary people, not everyone can understand that even if you look at the conductive fibers under the microscope, you can't say one thing, so this method Although the accuracy is high, it is not practical. The

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Second, feel the visual test is the most commonly used method to identify anti-static jumpsuit conductive fiber, feel the name as its name suggests, is to touch by hand, eye observation, according to rich experience to determine the type of fiber. This method of identifying conductive fibers is simple and does not require any equipment, but it requires extensive experience. In addition, it can be identified by removing the yarn from the edge of the fabric. The

Third, the combustion method: In the case of the seller's anti-static overalls manufacturers agreed to take a piece of anti-static clothing fabric burning, according to the anti-static clothing fiber near flame, in the flame, from the phenomenon of the flame to distinguish whether it is conductive fiber. The

The above three methods are the more common methods for identifying anti-static clothing fibers, and can be selected and tested according to convenient conditions.