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Antistatic high temperature tape

May 08, 2018

Anti-static high temperature adhesive tape; temperature resistance 260 degrees; limit temperature 300 degrees; time about 30 minutes; gel stability; no residue glue; acid and alkali resistance; corrosion resistance; thickness of about 0.06mm; quality is excellent. By pi film The substrate is coated with an antistatic coating.

When used, only static voltage below 50V is produced (General tape ≥ 5000V, which greatly reduces the electrostatic hazard generated by the product packaging. The external resistance value is <10^9Ω. The static discharge time <0.5 length 36m width can be made according to user's requirements. Adhere to electrostatic sensitive devices, packaging bags and other electronic products packaging.

Anti-static tape surface resistance 10 ^ 6Ω-10 ^ 9Ω. Releasing voltage <50V is used for circuit boards, notebook computers, and mobile phone communications, etc. External packaging and clean room for static electricity products are required.