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Basic knowledge of electrostatic discharge and protection

Jul 06, 2018

Basic knowledge of electrostatic discharge and protection

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1. Static electricity: a static charge that is excessive or insufficient on the surface of the object

2. Electrostatic field: an electric field formed by static electricity around it [Anti-static chair]

3. Electrostatic discharge: Two objects with different electrostatic potentials cause the transfer of electrostatic charges between two objects due to direct contact or electrostatic field induction. After the energy of the electrostatic electric field reaches a certain level, the phenomenon that the medium is broken down and discharged is electrostatic discharge. 4. Static sensitivity: the electrostatic discharge voltage that the component can withstand

5. Electrostatic sensitive devices: devices sensitive to electrostatic discharge [anti-static chair]

6. Grounding: Electrically connected to objects that can supply or accept a large amount of electric charge, such as earth, boat, etc.

7. Neutralization: Using static charge to make static electricity disappear

8. Anti-static work area: equipped with various anti-static equipment and equipment, can limit the electrostatic potential, has clear regional boundaries and specially marked work sites suitable for electrostatic protection operation

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