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Can I use esd shoes covers instead of esd shoes

May 14, 2018

Can I use esd shoes covers instead of esd shoes?

As more and more accidents caused by static electricity, static electricity prevention measures are particularly important for the production of static electricity-sensitive industries. For the sake of safety, companies rigidly require employees to wear anti-static shoes or anti-static shoe covers for production work. Wearing anti-static shoes or anti-static shoe covers is a reflection of the responsibility for production and personal safety, and can also symbolize the spirit of the company. However, because of the wearing comfort of anti-static shoes can not be compared with the daily casual shoes, there are many employees are more resistant to wearing anti-static shoes, there are many people can not help but want to ask, you can use anti-static shoes instead of anti-static shoes Are you wearing it?

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The fabric of the anti-static shoe covers is the same as that of the anti-static clothes. They are generally made of 5 MM stripes or grid anti-static fabrics. Anti-static shoe covers can be reused after cleaning, which is more economical and practical than disposable shoe covers. The anti-static shoe covers also have a certain anti-static, dust-proof effect, but compared with anti-static shoes, anti-static shoe covers anti-static and dust-proof effects will be slightly weaker, anti-static shoe covers can be applied to ten Grade-to-ten-thousand dust-free environments can prevent ESD-sensitive devices from being damaged by static electricity on the human body. They can also prevent dust particles from escaping from the bottom of the shoe and contaminating the clean room.

Where are the advantages of anti-static shoe covers? Compared to anti-static shoes, the use of anti-static shoe covers will be more flexible and convenient, so that many friends will have the idea of using anti-static shoe covers instead of anti-static shoes. Anti-static shoe covers can replace anti-static shoes, mainly based on the static and dust sensitivity of your clean room to judge, because anti-static shoe covers anti-static dust effect will be slightly worse, so if your If the dust or dustproof performance requirements of the workshop are not very high, you can still use anti-static shoe covers instead of anti-static shoes. However, if your workshop is sensitive to static electricity and dust, it will cause harm if you accidentally do it. It is absolutely impermissible to use anti-static shoe covers instead of anti-static shoes.

All in all, in a word, whether the anti-static shoe covers can replace the anti-static shoes, or to the requirements of the wearer's place, all the safety first, can not just comfort and convenience, the more overlooked the importance of safe production. Whether to choose anti-static shoes or anti-static shoes, we should still consider carefully.