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Can we both have comfort and high performance for esd​ shoes

Apr 09, 2018

Can we both have comfort and high performance for esd shoes?

In the clean production lines of high-end products such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace, the staff of those production lines will have common actions every day to work. They are wearing antistatic clothing and anti-static shoes. Whether it is summer heat or winter cold, they repeat. In fact, putting on anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes is to guide static electricity from the human body to the earth and eliminate the static electricity of the human body, effectively suppressing the dust generated by people walking in the clean room, thus reducing the static electricity to the high-end products. Damage rate improves production quality.
       Employees at work will want the anti-static shoes worn on their feet to be comfortable and anti-static clothing to fit. For anti-static shoes, the choice of material is very important. After a long period of testing, the most stable PVC material was found, followed by the SPU material, and the most unstable was the PU material. However, the anti-static shoes made of PVC material are hard and thin, and they are not suitable for workers who stand for a long time to work. For a long time, they feel uncomfortable.


The SPU and PU materials are better for esd shoes,If the soles are thicker, and the wearer don't feel tired when worn for a long time. If you want to have a good anti-static effect, test stability, and want to wear comfortable and lightweight, it is a very difficult thing, both difficult to have both.