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Clean clothes to wear easily overlooked five small details

Jan 30, 2018

1 wear clean clothes, dust-free shoes can not sit on the ground, must be worn within the prescribed area.

2 anti-static sleeve shoes can not be placed inside the anti-static pants, but to put the pants into the anti-static sleeve shoes, and the zipper pull the sleeve shoes or the shoelace tied in front of the sleeve shoes.

3 dust-free zipper asked to pull the collar, and the collar at the magic paste good, fasten the collar. You can not expose your own clothes.

4 dust-free clothes sleeves can not be rolled up, because wearing clothes will be a little stuffy, so some employees will pull up the sleeve, this is not allowed.

5 hair to be fully set into the anti-static cap, can not be exposed outside the dust-free cap, because the hair may fall or dandruff, a clean room of the source of pollution.