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Common anti-static products

Feb 12, 2019

Common anti-static products

1). It is safe to wear anti-static clothing!

Some factories and enterprises still don't know much about anti-static products. They think that they can sit back and relax when they wear anti-static clothes. The anti-static clothing fabric is polyester fabric. The fabric is easy to rub and generate static electricity, but the fabric is also embedded. Conductive wire, which forms a perfect anti-static system. However, if the conductive wire on the anti-static clothing is covered by dust, it will lose the anti-static effect. Therefore, the anti-static clothing must be cleaned frequently!

2). Wear only anti-static clothing without anti-static shoes!

Enterprises don't know enough about static electricity. They think that wearing anti-static clothes can eliminate static electricity, and paying too much attention to anti-static shoes. This idea is very dangerous. Some experiments show that if you only wear anti-static clothes, Anti-static products enter the workshop, the anti-static effect is very poor, anti-static clothing can only be used with anti-static shoes, in order to better play the anti-static effect!

3). Use antistatic products as common products!

When many companies use anti-static products, they think that the products are not deformed, and the products can be used without breaking or damage! For example, some anti-static wrist straps can only be used for a few months, but after a few months, they are not damaged, and then used, which is very dangerous! Therefore, the performance of anti-static products should be tested frequently, and the failed products should be replaced immediately!