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Development trend of ESD anti-static products

Apr 13, 2018

Development trend of ESD anti-static products

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of industrial standards, various types of safety accidents are still an important threat to production workers and high-tech products. They constantly remind us of the importance of occupational safety protection, and static electricity is a major threat to all industries. One of the "killers" has also become more and more important in the awareness of static electricity prevention.

esd products.jpgTherefore, the growth of a large number of anti-static products companies has been spawned. According to the anti-static requirements of production, there are many types of anti-static products, ranging from personal anti-static products, anti-static products in the production environment, to the packaging and transportation of products. Both of them are not anti-static products. As such, the outlook for the anti-static products industry is very promising, because the electrostatic hazard is not just the electronics industry. Even important companies such as chemical industry attach great importance to the electrostatic industry.