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Distinguishing which material of esd mats better is not difficult

Apr 22, 2018

Distinguishing which material of esd mats better is not difficult!

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There are many types of esd table mat sold on the market, PVC, all rubber, and even a lot of esd mats are produced with recycled materials. Operators say that their own mats are of good quality, so how can one distinguish which kind of quality is better?


The main material of the anti-static table mat is nitrile rubber, which is a natural semiconductor and has anti-static function. It can introduce static electricity into the inner layer and dissipate it in a short time. The general service life is about 5 years.


Compared to rubber materials, PVC anti-static mats are cheap. The reason for anti-static is because of the addition of anti-static materials. This product is a chemical product. With 3-6 months, the anti-static effect will become worse and worse. .
After comparison, we should know which material mat is better!