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Do you dare to use super cheap anti-static clothes

Jul 04, 2018

Do you dare to use super cheap anti-static clothes?

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Super cheap anti-static clothes:

1. Cheap anti-static cloth is thin and easy to crack.

2. The carbon powder of the conductive fiber in the anti-static cloth is easy to fall off, which will directly affect the efficacy of the anti-static clothing.

3. Because the price of conductive fibers contained in anti-static clothing is high, some unscrupulous manufacturers will adopt a method to reduce the amount of conductive fibers to reduce the cost of making anti-static clothing. Even some of the true and false conductive fibers are sewed together, for example, a few conductive wires are used. Do you really dare to use such anti-static clothes?

4. Anti-static clothing directly using anti-static agent soaking method, should be a one-time anti-static clothing, but as a permanent anti-static clothing sold.

5. The anti-static clothing has poor processing quality, many wire ends, and the accessories are not used.

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Have you understood the above points? Now why is the strength anti-static clothing expensive? The strength anti-static clothing insists on the highest quality material selection, design, tailoring and production, so as to achieve the interlocking control, the quality control of the overalls must be strictly controlled and tested before leaving the factory, so that it will never be unqualified. The product truly achieves zero defects.