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Do you need a esd tester for testing esd products

Apr 25, 2018

Do you need a esd tester for testing esd products?

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The damage caused by static electricity to electronic products, especially when there is potential damage to electronic products, makes it difficult to measure the changes in performance even with precision instruments. This requires the electronics manufacturing plant to have a complete set of strict anti-static measures.

Good ESD products must be equipped with electrostatic tester. Electrostatic testers can generally be divided into a tester for testing electrostatic voltages, such as: Explosion-proof electrostatic testers, simco electrostatic testers, electrostatic detectors, electrostatic testers fmx003, ssd electrostatic testers, antistatic testers, electrostatic tests Instrument, esd electrostatic tester, handheld electrostatic voltage tester, etc.


 According to the different types of ESD products, equipped with a corresponding electrostatic tester.