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Electronics factory must match the detection equipment?

May 08, 2018

Anti-static testing instruments: 

(1) Electrostatic tester: a Measure how much static electricity a product or a certain location has. b Measure the performance of the static eliminator in addition to static electricity. 

(2) Wrist strap tester: Measure whether the wrist strap is effective.

(3) Wrist strap online monitor: monitor whether the wrist strap is damaged and worn at any time. (4) Human body comprehensive tester: It can be used to measure whether wrist straps and anti-static shoes are effective, and it can also measure the total resistance of the human body. 

(5) Surface resistance tester: It is used to measure the impedance or resistance of all conductive type, antistatic type, and electrostatic discharge type products. 

(6) System monitoring and alarming instrument: It can monitor the contact between the working water ground and the earth at any time.