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Electrostatic damage to electronic products

Mar 06, 2018

Electrostatic damage to electronic products?

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The basic physical properties of static electricity: attract or exclude; potential differences with the earth; there will be discharge current. These three features can have three effects on the electronics:
1. Electrostatic adsorption of dust, reduce component insulation resistance (shorten the service life).
2. Electrostatic discharge damage, damage to components does not work (completely damaged).
3. Electrostatic discharge electric field or current heating, damage elements (potential damage).
4. Electrostatic discharge generates a large electromagnetic field (up to a few hundred volts / meter), a very wide spectrum (from tens of megabits to several gigabits), causing interference and even damage to electronic equipment (electromagnetic interference).
If all components are damaged, they will be detected and excluded from manufacturing and testing with little impact. If the component is slightly damaged, it will not be easily found during normal testing. In this case, usually through multi-level processing, even if it is used, it will find it damaged. This is not only hard to find, but also unpredictable in terms of loss. It takes a lot of manpower and money to clean up all the problems. If you find a fault in use, the damage can be significant.
1. Hiding the human body can not directly sense static electricity, unless an electrostatic discharge occurs. However, the occurrence of electrostatic discharge does not necessarily have the feeling of electric shock, which is because the human body senses the electrostatic discharge voltage is 2-3KV, so the static electricity is hidden.
2. Potential Some electronic components in the electrostatic damage performance did not significantly decreased, but the cumulative discharge will cause damage to equipment and the formation of hidden dangers. Therefore, electrostatic damage to the device is potential.
3. Random electronic components in what circumstances will suffer electrostatic damage? It can be said that after the manufacture of components, until the damage, all processes are subject to the threat of static electricity, these static electricity is also random, the damage is random.
4. Complex electrostatic discharge damage fault analysis, due to the fine electronic products, small structure and time-consuming, expensive, expensive, high technical requirements, often require the use of high-precision scanning electron microscopy and other equipment. Even so, it is almost impossible to distinguish between some electrostatic damage and other causes of damage, therefore, as a result of the fault caused by electrostatic damage failure as other failures. This is usually attributed to early failure or unexplained failure before ESD damage is fully understood, unmasking the true cause of the failure. So static analysis of electronic equipment damage is very complicated.