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Electrostatic Engineering and Utilization

Apr 28, 2018

Electrostatic Engineering and Utilization

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Electrostatic engineering refers to the special science that has been based on electrostatics to study electrostatic hazards and their protection and electrostatic application technologies since the early 19th century. Its main research contents include static electricity application technologies such as electrostatic dust removal, electrostatic photocopying, electrostatic biological effects, and electrostatic protection technologies such as electronic industry, petroleum industry, weapons industry, textile industry, rubber industry, and aerospace and military fields.
The use of static electricity; electrostatic dust, electrostatic spraying, electrostatic flocking, electrostatic copying, air purification, etc.
Electrostatic dust removal: It can eliminate dust in the flue gas.
Photocopying: You can quickly and easily copy books, materials and documents.
High-voltage static electricity can also promote the aging of white wine production, sour vinegar and soy sauce. The aged liquor, sour vinegar and soy sauce taste more pure. Some liquor, sour vinegar and soy sauce are aged with high-voltage static electricity.