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Electrostatic prevention effect of anti-static chair

Apr 28, 2018

Electrostatic prevention effect of esd chair

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Although we have previously adopted some measures such as suppression, dredging, and neutralization in the control of static electricity, although we have eliminated static electricity and achieved some results, we have not completely eliminated electrostatic hazards. After many years of analysis, we have found that those methods still belong to the past. For local control, there are always areas where prevention measures have not been protected may cause electrostatic hazards. Therefore, all-round environmental electrostatic control has become a new concept of modern electrostatic control. Its core is to eliminate the possibility of electrostatic aggregation due to flow friction in all working processes of all equipment, materials, and personnel.
For the equipment used in production workshops, such as countertops and anti-static chairs, surface treatment measures should be taken to effectively change the surface impedance of various materials so that they will not generate static electricity or static charges when they are subjected to friction. So today to briefly introduce the anti-static seat. It basically consists of three parts: anti-static chair, anti-static chair support, anti-static chair caster foot cup composed of three parts. Its main principle is to connect the human body with the earth by means of anti-static chairs and anti-static shoes, that is, to “ground”, so as to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge.