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ESD clothes and cleanroom clothes

May 25, 2018

ESD clothes and cleanroom clothes are not the same, please do not be confused!

Many customers think that the two products are the same product. It is actually quite wrong.

In fact, anti-static clothing and clean clothes are not the same. People call it an anti-static clothing no matter they are clean clothes, or use dust-free clothes as anti-static clothing. That is wrong. So what's the difference between these two types of clothing?

In general, anti-static clothing is mainly to reduce the fire caused by static electricity and to avoid the adsorption of dust inside the workshop; dust-free clothing is mainly to avoid the dust on the internal clean room caused by the body from the outside world.

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ESD clothes's fabrics used in the fabric is the addition of conductive fibers in the fiber, but it will produce fiber debris and can not isolate the body of dust. It can ensure that the body and the ground are always conductors, avoiding the accumulation of static charge generated by the friction of the soles of the feet. Anti-static clothing is generally used in places that are extremely easy to catch fire, such as fireworks plants, and also in electronic equipment workshops that are extremely sensitive to electric fields. At the same time, the adsorption of fine particles can also be reduced.

Different from anti-static clothing, clean clothes can prevent dust, dander, or hair particles on the body from diffusing into the clean room. They have no dust generation function, and are commonly found in microelectronics and biological laboratories.

In this way, we may all understand that the so-called anti-static clothing and clean clothes are very different. The two can not be replaced by each other. If we use clean clothes as anti-static clothing, we will use them in small quantities, and the cost will also be low. Some improvements have been made; however, if the anti-static clothing is used as a dust-free clothing, the cleanliness will certainly not be achieved, and no dust-proof effect will be achieved at all. This is absolutely not allowed. Therefore, I hope you must choose the clothing you need according to your own production environment.