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esd heel strap

Jun 01, 2018

Can esd heel straps take place of anti-static shoes?


Recently, customers have purchased esd heel straps from our company. It is a device that is worn on the feet or on the upper to discharge the body's accumulated electrostatic charges. It can be used in general electronics factories, medicine, aerospace, and precision. Machinery and other industries.

The anti-static heel strap guides the body's static electricity to the ground through the wrist strap and the grounding wire. When using the wristband, make contact with the skin and ensure that the grounding wire is directly grounded so that maximum efficiency can be achieved. When using an electrostatic rib band, you should wear both feet at the same time to increase the contact time between the hamstring band and the ground, thereby reducing the possibility of electrostatic hazards to the human body.

Since the antistatic heel strap has such a large effect, some people may ask if it can be used instead of anti-static shoes. the answer is negative. Because the anti-static wrist strap cannot ensure normal operation at any time and there is poor contact, static electricity generated by the body cannot be released in real time. In contrast, anti-static shoes appear to be more stable. If the static electricity requirement is relatively high, the anti-static wrist strap cannot replace the anti-static shoes.

Anti-static products each have their own functions, sometimes with better use, but if used as a substitute for other anti-static products, then you have to consider and act cautiously.