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esd jumpsuit

May 29, 2018

Why dust-free esd jumpsuit are favored by cleanrooms in electronics factories

Dustless jumpsuit is the most popular style in many styles of dust-free clothes. The dust-free jumpsuit is special in structure and craftsmanship, and its function of preventing body dust from overflowing is not comparable to ordinary anti-static clothing. of. The

The sleeveless, trouser and cap mouths of dustless coveralls are all required to be sealed. They are almost a whole body from the neckline to the trousers. The structure is relatively simple and there are fewer pieces. It is very good to avoid producing more stitching sites. Completely sealed seams can prevent dust from escaping from the seams, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the clean room. Compared with dustless, dust-free split clothing, it has better airtightness and thus has good antistatic and anti-static properties. Dust performance. The

Of course, let dust-free jumpsuits be truly dust-free or the dust-free cleaning process after their production. The entire cleaning, folding, packaging, inspection, and temporary storage are performed in an ultra-clean environment. Use a purifying washing machine, a high-efficiency filter purifier dryer, an 18 MΩ EDI ultrapure water system, ESD and dust particle testing instruments, and use a secondary RO water and a non-ionic surfactant detergent to clean dust-free working clothes. Otherwise dustless jumpsuit is hardly called dust-free, it is just an ordinary anti-static jumpsuit!