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ESD mat/anti-static anti-fatigue mat Introduction

Mar 13, 2018

ESD mat/anti-static anti-fatigue mat Introduction:

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ESD anti-fatigue mat is suitable for an esd workplaces that need to stand for a long time, and plays an effective role in buffering foot pressure and relieving fatigue.


Two-layer structure:

The upper layer is ESD PVC/conductive rubber,

The lower layer is urethane resin foam.

Three-tier structure:

The upper layer is anti-static PVC/conductive rubber,

The middle layer is EPDM (or urethane resin) foamed cotton.

The bottom layer is conductive rubber.


The use of advanced technology, elaborately made to meet the requirements of modern people's work comfort.

1, can be permanently anti-static.

2, flexible, strong rebound, easy to clean, easy to move.

3, the surface of the steel pattern or spherical pattern anti-slip design, use more secure.

4, can be acid and alkali solvents.

Surface resistance:

Static Dissipation Layer 10^8Ω-10^9Ω

Conductive layer 10^3Ω-10^5Ω

Can be customized specifications:

Length 400-5000mm, width 400-1200mm, thickness 15/17/20/25mm.

Can be made into small pieces or strips to suit stand-alone or assembly line operations.

The surface color is all black or black with yellow edges.

Optional grounding buckle or printed anti-static warning signs. ESD/Anti-static anti-fatigue mat solution[1]