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ESD slippers

May 25, 2018

ESD slippers

Material: anti-static white slippers made of SPU scatter material soles, integrated with the upper, with good ESD discharge effect.

Sole resistance: 10e5-10e9 ohm

 esd slipper.JPG


ESD slippers have a SPU material feel and super anti-slip effect and high elasticity anti-fatigue effect.


* The shoe sole has good toughness and is very wear-resistant

* No dust, no dust, no discoloration, effective control of dust removal, decolorization and other reasons contaminated the clean production workshop.

* Non-slip, wear-resistant, anti-static, fashionable

* Full color, light and soft, comfortable and convenient,

* Easy to clean, fast drying, ESD discharge stability, etc.


Application scope:

Anti-static slippers (ESD Shoes) can be widely used in optoelectronics, electronics, aerospace, semiconductor, LCD, SMT, solar and other industries clean production workshops or electrostatic sensitive work areas.