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ESD slippers will make your work more effective

May 18, 2018

Choosing the right ESD slippers will make your work more effective!

Anti-static SPU bottom slippers with PU material feel, but the price is lower than the PU slippers, and has a super anti-skid effect and high elasticity and anti-fatigue effect, the shoe sole is very good toughness, folding, wear-resistant, can not reduce the debris No bleaching. Lightweight and soft, comfortable to wear, easy to clean, and most importantly, stable anti-static properties.

The advantages of anti-static slippers are so many that you don't have to worry about wearing anti-static slippers. Even though anti-static slippers have various benefits, we must also use them correctly.
Anti-static shoes must be used together with anti-static flooring. Through the slippers - floor - the earth - this channel will direct the body's residual charge to the earth to prevent the accumulation of static discharge.

Our anti-static slippers, anti-static four-hole shoes have a long-term stability of the anti-static effect, please rest assured purchase!