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esd uniform and normal clothes

Jun 16, 2018

Which six standards should be followed in the selection of cleanroom esd uniform and normal clothes?

Cleanroom esd clothes and ordinary work clothes are different. Whether they are in the way of production or production requirements, they must be more stringent. Then what are the standards we should follow when choosing superior esd clothes?

ESD anti-static garment.jpg

Standard One: ESD performance. We know that no matter what you do the primary consideration is to control costs. Therefore, on the basis of good cost control, it is necessary to select esd clothes with good ESD performance as much as possible.

Standard 2: Cleanliness. Cleanroom esd smock,esd garment,esd jumpsuit not only need to have ESD functions, but also have an essential function, that is, cleanliness level indicators, in the case of meeting the anti-static indicators, try to choose cleaner esd clothes.

Standard 3: Style. The current dust-free clothes can be roughly divided into two types: one-piece type and split type, which are better than dust-free suits in split form, and are also more dust-proof.

Standard 4: The fabric features. If the surface coating of esd clothes is a fabric, its ESD performance is not good, so it is recommended to choose fabrics made of conductive yarns and composite filaments.

Standard Five: Lifetime face to face. It is recommended to choose clean, wear-resistant cleanroom esd uniforms, followed by a special dust-free cleansing and cleaning, and the service life can reach two years or even longer.

Standard 6: Comfort. Although the rest are up to standard. However, if workers wear unblemished clothes on their bodies or feel uncomfortable, they do not meet the basic requirements. So we should get a balance between parameter standards and comfort.