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ESD uniform's Functional requirements have increased

Apr 04, 2018

ESD uniform's Functional requirements have increased

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With the attention of the state to the protection of industrial safety, more attention is paid to the safety hazards caused by static electricity. Safety Working Technology recently focused on broadening the application fields of anti-static clothing fabrics. Compared with traditional products, Safety Working Technology's anti-static clothing fabrics are processed with an increased concentration of antistatic agents and incorporated into the fibers. In the low temperature, dry environment, the fabric's anti-static function can also be guaranteed not to be weakened.
In recent years, the texture of outdoor clothing tends to be light and thin, and the concept of wear also advocates multiple, multi-level mix and match styles. Therefore, Safety Working Technology expects that the functional requirements of anti-static clothing for synthetic apparel based on synthetic fibers will increase. In addition, the application range of esd treated polyester and nylon fabric products will also be expanded.