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ESD wrist straps Online monitor is Indispensable in producing line

Apr 10, 2018

ESD wrist straps On-line monitor is Indispensable in producing line

As we all know, the anti-static wrist strap is one of the most common personal protective equipment. As long as workers are on the production line, the anti-static wrist strap will be worn at any time to prevent static electricity from causing troubles. However, workers do not know the specific lifespan of the tool such as the anti-static wrist strap. They always feel that it is only valid to wear it when working.
In fact, when the anti-static wrist strap always fails, if the user is unaware of it at this time and still wears it, the next thing will be abnormal. So, how can we correctly judge whether the anti-static wrist strap is working properly? At this point, the wrist strap on-line monitor has played a vital role.
The ESD Wrist strap on-line Monitor is a controller that uses "resistive loop" technology to monitor the real-time continuity of the anti-static wrist strap. It can monitor the real-time working status of the anti-static wrist straps worn by two operators and is suitable for monitoring various anti-static wrist straps.

With the ESD wrist strap online monitor, you no longer have to worry about the serious consequences of a wrist strap failure. It can remind you to replace the failed wrist strap at any time, making you feel at ease and at ease.