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Explain the purpose of anti-static clothes cleaning

Jun 13, 2018

Explain the purpose of anti-static clothes cleaning

Recently, with the increase in the number of cleaning antistatic clothes customers, it is inevitable that some problems will be encountered. Some customers report that the antistatic clothing has not been cleaned, and that there are paints and inks that have not been cleaned, and they are also told to clean. The customer also said that before their cleaning company could wash it, why can't you.

Well, this is about cleaning detergents for professional cleaning. The detergent used for professional cleaning and cleaning must be neutral, that is, PH=7. Because anti-static clothing and ordinary clothing are different, it belongs to a special type of clothing. There are conductive fibers in the fabric, which can avoid the generation of static electricity. However, ordinary detergents mainly rely on strong acid and alkalinity to eliminate stains, but it can cause damage to the antistatic fiber properties of antistatic clothing fabrics. Therefore, neutral detergents are used so as not to cause any damage to clothing. damage.

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In other words, if traditional washing methods are used, not only can it not clean and maintain clean clothes, but it can also damage the clothing fibers and dirty clean clothes. Therefore, the purpose of our cleansing and cleaning is to ensure the cleanliness and anti-static performance of the antistatic clothing, and it is not necessary to clean the clothes that have no net effect.